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Today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic, something very useful (in my opinion), and something that many of you should appreciate, or at least that I would appreciate to read. One of these things that no one tells, and that no matter how hard you try to find it on Google, you won’t come upon any other tattoo images blog like this one, which has bothered taking on a professional tattoo artist in order to give you the best information. And this is me.

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No tattoo artist talks about this, since no one wants to lose money, but it is time that people know it. Tattoos are not cheap (unless they are made by this Facebook friend of yours, that is already referring himself as a tattoo artist, since he has bought a bad machinery kit made in China in Ebay. Please, run away from these people.) Normally, in many tattoo parlours, they have a floor price. Some tattoo artist will tell you that for 30 USD they make you a tattoo of the size of a Chinese letter. However, sometimes maybe in another tattoo parlour they will charge you twice the first price, because yes, the first one with the size of a Chinese letter was 30 USD, but this one is presumably much more complicated (or that is what they say), so it is worth 30 extra dollars… Their excuse is always the same, it has more shadows and details etc. And these are all LIES, the tattoo artist makes up the price. There are no written laws that say that a tattoo must cost ‘x’ and the other one ‘y’. That’s why I want you to know that the next time you go to a tattoo parlour, you go there with the idea that in 90% of cases, the tattoo artist is going to charge you whatever he wants to, and that in 100% of cases he is going to come out ahead.

We will keep talking about this topic later, since the truth is that it is wide enough to write 100 more articles.


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