Awesome ideas for engagement rings

manos pareja tatuadas

Indeed, once again I’ve decided to put together a compilation of what I consider some of the best ideas I’ve seen so far, and in this post I bring you some tattoo ideas for couples, especially for those who have a future wedding in mind.

By the way, congratulations to all the married couples! And without further ado, here we kick off with some ring tattoos.

Tatuajes para parejas casadas

A Key to the heart

Although it’s perhaps one of the most classic ideas for love letters, earrings, and maybe rings, it’s still an elegant and appealing choice. And the best place to put it on is, of course, our ring finger!

Tatuajes para parejas casadas

Musical Notes

Everybody has a story to tell about how they met the love of their life. However, those passionate about music, more often than not, meet their significant other through their passion. Love for music is universal, but sharing the joy of the symphony of life together with somebody else is just preciously unique.

Tatuajes para parejas casadas

Skull rings

For those of you who like gothic fashion or likewise, skulls could just be the perfect fashion touch. This tattoo can be viewed in different ways, from “Together until death do us part” to “all the skeletons coming out of the closet” as they may, before getting married.

Tatuajes para parejas casadas

For Disney lovers

Those fans of Peter Pan will surely recognize this tattoo. In the Disney Peter Pan movie, Peter Pan gives Wendy an acorn-button, and this ends up saving Wendy’s life. Wendy also gives Peter a thimble as a token of love. This tattoo is a combination of love and memories from childhood.

Tatuajes para parejas tema de las lunas

Lunar eclipse

I found this tattoo extremely appealing, as the moon seems to suit pretty well as a ring. Some couples find constellations and celestial bodies very charming and romantic. Some may want to opt for a sun instead of a moon for the man, in order to portray the duo that we already know from up above in the sky.

Tatuajes para parejas casadas buho y arbol

Image mash-up

This is a somewhat more sophisticated idea, and it consists in putting together two related elements. In fact, we could say that this is also the case in the Disney tattoo we previously saw. In this case the couple has chosen an owl and a tree, which shows an evident connection among the two, although we may not know the reason why these particular two elements.

Tatuajes de iniciales en los dedos

The Initials

Last but not least, a classic that couldn’t be missed: the initials of your beloved better half. The important thing here is to find an elegant typography that suits our taste.

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