Arm Archive

Old man smoking

An hyper realistic portrait of an old man smoking cigarettes. The old man has cold blue eyes which denote concentration. The messy facial hair together with the wrinkles all around the face gives the man an aspect of anger but also of wisdom. The tattoo seems to be popping out through the arm as if

Geometric pattern in Heart

A beautiful heart tattoo on the arm. Half of it (the ventricles) appear to be a Rubby due to the geometric patterns on it. The other half looks more natural-like, with realistic patterns but also flowers and seashells. Done by the artist Kendal Harkey at the American Studio Golden Lotus.

Continents of the World Map Tattoo

A map, showing only the outlines of the five continents, on this man’s forearm. The map, while at first glance might seem simple enough, actually is fairly complex. Complex? Well yes, it’s no simple task to orient this drawing correctly so that it looks right.  

Salvador Dalí Creature Tattoo

A tattoo done by tattoo artist Róbert A Borbás of Hungarian studio Dark Art Tattoo, which recreates one of the hundreds of prints carrying the signature of the father of Surrealism: Salvador Dalí. This print features a monstrous human-like figure, with drawers and objects sticking out from him.  

Springtime Tree Tattoo on Arm

A small tree drawn by Shannie Linden on this woman’s arm, from which the first tender leaves of Spring are beginning to emerge. A lovely motif, which evokes the continuing renewal of life and the unending passage of time in Mother Nature.