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Watercolor stripe

A very interesting design for women: a thin line along the entire spine made from glowing colors. The strip has a solid border, but inside the tones which has a “fluid” aspect if fresh paint smeared on the back. The contrast of curves and straight lines creates an interesting contrast. On the other hand the

Aku Aku Mask (Crash Bandicoot)

For those from the late eighties or early 90s, this tattoo surely will bring memories of your childhood! It is the Aku Aku mask video game Crash Bandicoot, one of the most revolutionary 3D plataformers. Also one of the most emblematic games of the PlayStation. I found this photo prowling Tumblr so I do not know the

Solar System Tattoo on Back

A very simple design, proving that it’s not necessary to have a very complicated design in order to have a nice-looking tattoo. With a monochromatic color scheme, it displays each and every one of the planets which, together with Earth, form our Solar System.  

View of Earth From Space Tattoo

This planet, which tattoo artist Max has surrounded with a small blueish halo representing a piece of our immense universe. This drawing adorns the upper part of this woman’s back, which she possible chose in order to reflect on her connection to the Earth, and her commitment to preserve it.  

Dungeons and Dragons 20 Sided Die Tattoo

A green die created by tattoo artist Seth Fyffe of Iron Raven Tattoo studio, with which this woman has chosen to decorate her skin. This die, known in the world of RPG as a D20 (because it has 20 sides), was designed specifically from one of the most popular games of this genre: Dungeons and