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Gears of Wars Skull Tattoo on Back

A pretty sinister skull, adorning the shoulder blade of its owner. This skull appears to be emerging from some type of lake or even the moon, which has been surrounded by some dark roots, giving it an even grimmer feeling. Design inspired by the videogame Gears of Wars.  

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo on Back

With this tattoo is is obvious that it’s possible to creat high quality pieces without necessarily following the dogmas imposed by society. A bird, whose colors are reminiscent of a kingfisher, drawn in a fairly refined technique based on colored lines.

Ravens Tattoo on Back

A pair of ravens, in a freehanded style, which covers this woman’s entire back. Ravens? Although it might seem like an unusual choice and a bit dark, ravens are more than just animals traditionally seen as a bad omen. They are highly intelligent birds, respected in many ancient cultures for their wisdom.  

Indian Elephants Back Tattoo

An extremely elaborate colaboration between Steve Moore and James Tex, which nearly covers this woman’s entire back and showcases three gorgeous Indian elephants. Elephants, wearing some colorful ornamentation as we see sometimes in parades, against a lovely background of green and orange tones.  

Checkerboard Circle Tattoo Arm and Back

A circle of considerable proportions, which adorns a small part of the arm and back of its owner. Created by Jondix based on small black and white polygons, giving the impression of a sort of spiral, growing ever deeper, finally ending with a black hole in the center.