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Dragon Tattoo on the back

A chinese dragon tattooed on the back of a man, it’s a full back tattoo that should have taken at least three sessions.

Super Mario Wolrd Tattoo

A Super Mario bros. World Tatto. In this photo isn’t finished yet, but so far it looks quite nice. A great idea for all the gamers who are looking for a good tattoo.

Tribal tattoo on back and shoulder

Tribals are one of the traditional style tattoos, here it’s a picture of a large one at the back and uper right arm.

Chinese tattoo at girls back

 Small chinese tattoo at girl’s back with four small stars. Chinese tattoo are favorite among youth because of the powerful meaning they can contain. A great choice for girls. The kanji (? Ai) means love. Maybe an idea that is too much of a cliche, but still, a nice tattoo.