Chest Archive

Ironic Shopping Cart Tattoo

A pretty crazy design, done by one of today’s hottest tattoo artists, Polish tattoo artist Marcin Aleksander Surowiec. A really, you’d have to be either very original or crazy to ask for a tattoo, in the middle of your chest, of a pair of shopping carts facing off, leaving a multicolored trail behind them.  

Buddha Tattoo on Chest

In which we see the majestic, smiling figure of Buddha, masterfully drawn by tattoo artist Jondix. A divinity radiating a sort of special energy which runs through his whole body and expands in the central part of the drawing, enclosed by two Chinese dragons.

Circle and wings

  A strange tattoo which I couldn’t tell what it represents. It seems to be a dart board with wings, and some purple tentacles trying to hold him. I have no idea what could have crossed the mind of this guy while entering to Black 13 Tattoo Studio and asking Josh Woods for such a

Maori on chest and shoulder

A Maori tattoo that covers most of the right chest and shoulder of a man. This design combines straight geometric figures but also curved shapes. The shoulder part seems to be a symbol like the sun; the same can be said about the outer circle on the chest. One of the few black and white

Divided heart

  Another design created at 7 Ink Tattoo Studio. The design outstands due its originality and uniqueness. It is a classic heart divided in two pieces; one is the classic cartoonish heart, while the other has a chess-like pattern on it. The heart lies above a metal board, and the contours seem to be the