Chest Archive

Origami figures on the chest

A tattoo composed of several images, but all these share one characteristic: all of them are figures made in the ancient art of origami. You can apreciate  figures of birds (cranes) of different sizes and  in the midle a red heart. Tattoo done on the chest of a girl.

Eagle tattoo on the chest of a man

A great eagle with outstretched wings tattooed on the chest of a man, this huge bird carries in its grip an object that looks like a compass. The tattoo is done in dark hues and precise proportions. The large size and imposing aspect of the eagle makes it look like a strength symbol.

Tattoo of an eye on chest

Tattoo on the chest of a man. What begins with only some traces of black ink, then transforms into an impressive drawing of an eye. The eyebrows of the eye resemble to feather, while a little splat of blue makes a huge contrast.

Chest and shoulder blackwork

  An awesome tattoo of a flower done in half of the chest and around the shoulder. It looks very similar to mandalas tattoos. The petals in the center have an eye aspect, and the outer circle looks more like petals. I do not know who was the tattooist, but it has done and impressive

Swallow tattoo on chest

Swallows are one of the most beautiful birds for many of us, and not for nothing is one of the designs that are chosen at the time of getting a tattoo of birds. The work we have here has left us impressed, that the level of detail makes it look picture in a book of