Chest Archive

Red skull tattoo on chest

  An impressive tattoo on the throat and chest of a woman. There’s butterfly at the level of the throat and a skull on the chest surrounded by flowers. All the chestpiece is made with black ink except for the skull that has been done in red ink, which makes it stand out. What do

Flower clavicles tattoo

  A couple of old school style flowers each one done on the collarbones, just below shoulder level. The drawings resemble the old style sheets of plant sciences’ books. Work done by the tattooist Aivaras Lee.

Compass tattoo on chest

  A compass tattooed on the chest of a young man, made in the top of the chest above the collarbone. You can see the star that serves as a guide and a thin chain that holds the compass. The compasses are symbols that serve as guides.

Branch and flowers tattoo on the chest

  Tattoo of a tree branch across the chest of a man. There are also  a couple of blossoms and flowers on the branch. and a black stain sort of an ink splatter. Tattoo done by artist Lenad Nada.

Amazing tattoo on chest

  A tattoo, or we could say that there are three of them, done in the chest of a man. These are three different portraits on one side is a figure showing the internal anatomy of the thorax of a man, on the other side is the same person in a portrait wearing clothes, and