Ears Archive

Believe tattooed behind the ear

The world Believe, tattooed just behind the ear. This is what is typically known as a lettering tattoo. Written with capital letters which are not completely straight. A simple tattoo which for sure is a reminder of perseveration, done in a good looking place although not exactly discrete.

Deer antlers tattoo for girls

In the city of Brighton, the renowned Adam Sage tattoo artist did a perfect job designing this tattoo job located behind the girl’s ear, as shown in the picture. It is the deer antler, a symbol of power and adversity, but also talks about nature an elegancy.

Star tattooed at head

A star tattoo around the ear of a man.

Silhouette cat tattoo

Cat silhouette tattoo done ??behind ear, a simple but quite good tattoo. Done by Rian  from  Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood studio, California.  

Feather tattoo behind ear

A little feather tattooed behind ear.