Fail Tattoos Archive

The tattooed Ray Ban guy

You maybe have seen this picture going around on the net, the picture of a Hipster with some glasses tattooed on his face. Once in a while I see this picture goes around on the net with people discussing whether it’s a legit picture or if it’s fake. If you still don’t know whether if

Avocado Tattoo on Forearms

Who in their right mind would choose this tattoo? That’s exactly what I wondered, the first day I saw this tattoo. Call it original, but you can’t deny the fact that having two avocado halves tattooed on your body isn’t exactly normal.  

Chris Brown Neck Tattoos

I don’t know what Chris Brown was trying to do with his neck here, as it’s hard to make out the design very clearly, but whatever it is, it’s not a pretty sight (above all it reminds us of what he did to his ex girlfriend). And the thing is, you don’t have to tattoo

Moustache fail

  A tattoo that is hard to believe it exists, is perhaps one of those nights with a few too many drinks on. Do people actually know tattoos cannot be taken out easily? And of course, the headache may be the least of the problems during the next morning. The tattoo says “Family tradition” and in

Pinhead (Fail Tattoo)

  A very particular depiction of Pinhead (from Hellraiser movies and comic). Design made ??by Ashley Davies, which personally, I would only like to see on my worst enemy. Besides having a really gruesome look (and no horrific at all), the colors that were chosen to simply do not fit with the character. An abomination