Hands Archive

Segmented pyramid on hand

  As I always comment, the inner side of the hands is a strange place where to get tattoos. The tattoo is a pyramid cut in three slices, and in the top an eye for each side. These classical eyes are the annuit coeptis or eye that sees everything. Tattoo done by Gerhard Wiesbeck.

Jesus Christ on hand

A religious tattoo that depicts a portrait of Jesus Christ on the hand. The combination is a little bit strange, a portrait must be hard to realize on a place like the hand. Thee portrait shows him in his classical representation, long hair falling down to the shoulders and also a long beard while a

Entrance to hell

  An interesting tattoo of the entrance to hell. A staircase leads to a dark place full of flames. Hands are one of the most dificult places to tattoo, given the fact that it is a shighly sensible part of the body and because it tends to move a lot. An interesting work done by Jacob

Hello Kitty (tattoo on hand)

  A tattoo of the most famous cat in the world: Hello Kitty. A design done by Tatt life for one of its customers in which they adapted the face of Hello Kitty to the shape of the letter “W”. The letter could be the initial of the name of the person whom this tattoo belongs, or perhaps of someone

Mr White (Breaking Bad Tattoo)

  A tattoo that is a tribute to one of the biggest and most succesful tv series in recent years: Breaking Bad. I most admit that for me the characters of that show were amazing and meaningful, each of them having a fully developed personality and way of being. Of course the main character Walter