Head Archive

Axe on the face (tattoo)

A tattoo of an axe lying on the face, just above the cheek. Definetly a large tattoo for such a place. Work done by the apprentice Philip Yarnell, from Skyn Yard Tattoo studio at Westcliff, South Africa. Axes are usually symbols of strength and power, althought some people may choose them for their love to their job

Chris Brown Neck Tattoos

I don’t know what Chris Brown was trying to do with his neck here, as it’s hard to make out the design very clearly, but whatever it is, it’s not a pretty sight (above all it reminds us of what he did to his ex girlfriend). And the thing is, you don’t have to tattoo

Pikachu Tattoo Behind Ear

One of the most well-known Pokemon in the world, this design was created by TJ Lout in Dogstar Tattoo in Durham, North Carolina. Drawn in a partially hidden location, which will certainly be covered by this woman’s hair, it’s the perfect tattoo for those who grew up with these friendly creatures. Pika pika.

Moustache fail

  A tattoo that is hard to believe it exists, is perhaps one of those nights with a few too many drinks on. Do people actually know tattoos cannot be taken out easily? And of course, the headache may be the least of the problems during the next morning. The tattoo says “Family tradition” and in

Mandala tattoo on head

A tattoo with a high hinduism influence, it is a flower (mandala) on the head, and just in the middle it’s the symbol of the Ohm (aum). A very strange and unusual place to get tattoos, specially for the fact that you must keep shaving your head if you want people to see it.