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Monterrey Tattoo expo 2013

If you still don’t have plan for this weekend with your girlfriend or other friends and you live in Monterrey (Mexico), let me suggest the following: I recommend you the tattoo expo “Expotatuaje” in Cintermex 2nd and 3rd of March. If you like tattoos and good music, then you can’t miss it. In this event

Interview with Ian Wahnschaffe, professional tattoo artist

Good afternoon Tatuajesxd visitors,I’d been planning this section for a few months, that of Interviews with tattoo artist X, in which we carry out “mini-interviews” with professional tattoo artists from around the world. We ask them to share a little bit of their experience and also clarify some questions that can come up. If you

Please, be nice to your tattoo artist

If it’s your first time that you are about to get tattooed, I’m sure you’ve looked into what you must not do before getting a tattoo (or if not, check out the post that instruct you on what no to do), and you surely have seen things about how to take care of your tattoo

Meaning of Star tattoos

Among all the existing tattoos, perhaps star tattoos are among the most popular, and also among the ones that possess most meaning. Although at the end of the day meaning to the tattoos is a personal thing, there’s also an interesting background behind each one. The star and its multiple meanings Meaning of stars Stars

F.A.Q about tattoos 2012

During our first year and a half, Tatuajesxd has grown considerably, but it wasn’t until mid of last year that we decided to launch our Facebook fanpage, which came to be an awesome idea, as visits to our website started to increase and more questions about tattooing started coming in. I don’t consider myself an