Legs Archive

Landscape Tattoo on Arm

In this tattoo we can see a marvelous landscape full of trees, plants and mountains against a blue sky, designed by tattoo artist David Côté. This landscape, which the artist has drawn with bright, energetic colors, is accompanied by a message in capital letters, across a pretty pink flower.  

Black Monk Tattoo on Arm

This monk appears totally absorbed in his own matters, and of whom we can only barely make out part of his lips and nose. A rather sinister and mysterious monk, created by Aivaras Ly, covered in a black habit with red trim.  

Astronaut and Planets Tattoo on Feet

This astronaut is cruising through outer space on one of this customer’s feet. The design, done by Sacha Unisex, is paired with another of the same shape on the other foot, which contains some of the infinite universe as well as the figure of some reddish planet or asteroid.  

Skull with Sinister Message Tattoo

One of those tattoos that seeks to send a very direct message to all who see it up close. This sinister message, “I Wish You The Worst”, is accompanied by a skull. A tattoo created by Alex, in Red Anchor Tattoo Co.  

Samurai Skull Tattoo

This Samurai, done by Nick Baldwin, of whom all that remains is a head and the helmet he wore into battle. A warrior which, during a long period of time, was the ultimate representation of authority in feudal Japan and whose effigy is still, for many Japanese, the highest expression of honor.