Legs Archive

Cute Cat with Flowers Tattoo

A pretty thing, done at English studio Art and Soul by tattoo artist Sophie Adamson, which features a cat sitting on its hind legs, trying to catch a butterfly. The cat’s silhouette is filled in with multicolored dots and red daisies.  

Romantic Anchor Tattoo with Text

An anchor, drawn using a bit of lyrics from one of the most famous songs of American rock group Mayday Parade. This part of the song expresses to a loved one what it means to be by their side, and what it feels like to be able to enjoy their delightful company.  

Hexogonal Geometric Tattoo

An intricate geometric design in black, white, red and yellow, which combines several types of polygons, such as: a pair of hexagons forming the two principal structures, spheres, triangles of different sizes and many other polygonal shapes.  

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo

In this tattoo we can see the two main characters of Tim Burton’s animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington and his beloved Sally. The characters are lovingly drawn here, shown reflected in a lovely antique mirror.  

Black Snake with Sword Tattoo

A spectacular black and yellow snake, which appears to be emerging from some sort of river, created by tattoo artist David Andrew Swambo. This fantastic serpent (quite similar to a black Mamba) is seen coiling around some type of dagger or knife, and quite aggressively too.