Legs Archive

Map of Five Continents Tattoo on Feet

A lovely, colorful map, omitting the seas and oceans, leaving the five continents as the star of this tattoo. The continents have been colored by the artist in a way that we are familiar with from books and encyclopedias.

Tattoo of Painting by Miró

A colorful tattoo which displays on this customer’s skin one of the hundreds of paintings done by Catalonian painter Joan Miró. In this piece, they have used some of the more characteristic colors used by this artist, and features the figure of an emblem of a famous brand of drinks in Spain.

Cleopatra Tattoo on Thigh

Here we’re not sure if Travis Brown has drawn a portrait of one of the most famous queens of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, or used the customer herself as a model. What is clear, however, is that (with a few liberties taken by the artist), this is no ordinary queen, but a Pharaoh, with all the

Tattoo of Children Playing Telephone

A system that surely looks very strange to today’s children, but was used in the past by generations of children all over the world, among them this woman. A tattoo in which a boy and a girl, created by Sharsdwad, seem to be having an interesting conversation.  

Origami Elephants Tattoo

Very elegant with simple lines, showing a pair of elephants, presumably from the same family, as if they were made of paper using the ancient technique of Origami. A technique invented in the Far East, which consists of folding ordinary paper into animals, flowers, objects, and other things.