Legs Archive

Made In England Tattoo on Foot

A tattoo created by the hand of tattoo artist Cara Delevigne, with which this woman shows the world the great love she has for the country of her birth, none other than England. Not an easy task either, being in an area that is pretty sensitive to any type of stimulation.  

Snowflake Tattoo on Leg

A snowflake, colored in shades of blue, black and white for a little pizzazz, designed by tattoo artist Clarence of Canadian studio Tattoo Lounge. A design that reveals a fascination of its owner, for something as unassuming and yet one of nature’s most perfect objects, geometrically speaking.  

Toy Story Alien Tattoo

Although not one of the main characters, this is much more fun and original. One of the green aliens which Mister Potato Head ends up adopting. This alien, missing his two brothers, was created marvelously by Niamhy McKenna of Black Pearl Tattoo Studio in Ireland.  

Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo

A warm, tender tattoo done by Paulo Ceqina, starring two of cartoon artist Bill Watterson’s best known characters: Calvin and Hobbes. A 6 year old boy, who spends much of his free time on adventures with his stuffed tiger, who comes to life (or at least in the mind of the boy).  

Skull Tattoo with Flowers

A skull which has lost its jaw, because of a creepy serpent which surrounds the entire piece (the jaw appears in the lower corner of the tattoo). But it is not the only thing represented on the skin of its owner, artist John Barrett of Art Rage Tattoo– it also contains two pretty pink flowers..