Neck Archive

Pochahontas Leaves Tattoo

Leaves of different sorts and colors, drawn by Sage Seldin of Passage Hammonton studio, which appear in on of the most famous scenes of the animated Disney film, “Pocahontas”. This movie centers around one of the most popular legends of European colonization in North America, that of the Indian woman Pocahontas and the soldier John

Scary Bat Tattoo on Neck

A terrifying bat who looks just about to attack whoever dares to come near his owner, no easy feat, being a very sensitive and painful area, in which Alexander Kukinov has had to use all of his expertise to achieve this grand result.  

Chris Brown Neck Tattoos

I don’t know what Chris Brown was trying to do with his neck here, as it’s hard to make out the design very clearly, but whatever it is, it’s not a pretty sight (above all it reminds us of what he did to his ex girlfriend). And the thing is, you don’t have to tattoo

Faygo Soda

  A Soda? Yes, as odd as it may sound this guy decided to get an extreme strange tattoo of a Faygo soda. A drink that you can find in several different flavors. It is a hyper realistic tattoo in which you can see all single details of the can and the drops falling out

Cross tattooed on the nape

A quite simple tattoo of a solid-black cross. Done on the nape of a girl. This design can be seen as a symbol of devotion, but also as a protection sign. In recent years this design has become relly popular between girls.