Neck Archive

Spider tattoo on the neck

This spider tattoo, may be beautiful for some and for others it may be quite eerie. It is a very realistic work,  the detail is such that some people may even scare when they see it at first glance. The drawing shows a spider which is on the neck of a girl and going up

Equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle tattooed on the nape of a woman. A figure that represents the balance. A simple tattoo could say that is a minimalist work. A thin line making the shape of the triangle and nothing else.

Mickey Mouse silhouette

  Three circles, that’s what it takes to create the image of one of the most beloved Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. A simple tattoo done on the nape of a woman. A thin line making the outline, plain and simple and does not need anything else. What might be called a minimalist tattoo.

Flowers tattoo on throat

  An awesome tattoo done around the neck, throat and chest of a woman. It is a flowering plant with the unique style of Maxime Buchi (check more tattoos done by him). Made with black ink only, must have been a very painful tattoo, just look at the size of the job.

Chenrezig mantra tattoo

  Tattoo on the nape of the Chenrezig mantra. This is a short mantra which reads Om Mani Padme Hum which is used to request the benevolence of the Buddha. This is one of the most famous mantras within Buddhism.