Neck Archive

Red skull tattoo on chest

  An impressive tattoo on the throat and chest of a woman. There’s butterfly at the level of the throat and a skull on the chest surrounded by flowers. All the chestpiece is made with black ink except for the skull that has been done in red ink, which makes it stand out. What do

Dolphin tattoo on the nape

  Tattoo of a dolphin on the side of the neck (or upper back). It looks a very simple design in which only external lines were done. The dolphin is accompanied by a small tribal design which resembles the waves of the sea.

Purple Squid on throat

  The body of a purple squid tattooed on a man’s throat. Right in the middle you see a blue eye from which several tears are slipping. The background from above is done with blue colors, and the background below with green ink. Such a colorful work could not be from any other person but

Bird tattoo on the nape

Tattoo of a bird on the neck of a young. The bird looks framgented in small geometric figures, including some that look like small stars. Right in the middle of the bird there is  the figure of a sun. Done by the hands of the tattooist Dillon Forte at Sri Yantra Studio in Oakland, California.

Autumn leaves tattoo

   It’s not autumn yet, but this tattoo really has that feeling. It is a drawing of several dried leaves floating on the air. Tattoo done on the neck of a guy by the artist Amanda Grace from Black 13 tattoo studio. I personally find every work of her amazing.