Shoulders Archive

Cat portrait on shoulder

A portrait of a cat, it seems a Norway forest cat, one of the most popular home breeds. The fur has orange and gray tones which contrast with the yellowish eyes. There is a green highlight on the mirror which gives it a little bit of fantasy touch. The mirror is decorated with one large

Aurora borealis

  A beautiful drawing of an aurora borealis done by the expert hands of Brian macNeil from Regeneration Tattoo Parlor, MA (United States). The tattoo is able to capture the fascinating escence of this natural phenomenon that can be seen only in the northermost part of the world (or southermost, but those are called auroras

The shining (horror tattoo)

  The most emblematic scene of the movie The Shining. Based on a book of Stephen King and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The scene performed by Jack Torrance is so famous that a lot of people would recognize it even if they haven’t seen the movie. Depending the source, but some people would classify this classic

Tattoo of the holly death

  An impressive work created by the hands of Chris Hatch. On the forearm of one of his clients, appears the “Holly Death” (better known for its name in Spanish: “La Santa Muerte”). It is the Death wrapped in a shroudwhile holding an hourglass, which reminds us about the limited span of time we will live.

Bat Tattoo on Shoulder

Tattoo of a bat on the shoulder of a woman. Made with black ink only, has fine details that make it look like a sketch done with a pen. Tattoo done in at Gypsy Rose in the city of New Orleans.