Shoulders Archive

Mandala tattoo on shoulder

A beautiful mandala inked on the left shoulder of a girl. The design is almost circular with very fine details and motifs. An exceptional work that shows how mandala designs in only one ink can be a great idea for tattoos. Most of the times mandalas are placed either on the shoulder or at the back (centered).

Colored moon tattoo on the back

The owner of all the nights, the moon, tattooed on the right side of the upper back. Something really interesting is the fact that this tattoo was made with color inks (soft brown and yellow tones). Most of the tattoos of moons are usually made with only black ink. This tattoo may not have the

Flowers tattooed on the upper back

A couple of white flowers tattooed on the back side of the shoulder. Bellow the flowers there’s a message written with italic font and in Spanish which says “Sólo se vive una vez” which translated is “You only live once”. In between the two flowers we can see the treble clef, a symbol that inspires all

Giant octopus on the shoulder

A giant octopus is present in this tattoo on the shoulder of a girl. The marine animal movement seems to be in the position of its long tentacles. Octopuses are mystical creatures that inspire many lovers of tattoos and the sea, are characterized by their intelligence and their ability to change colors. Undoubtedly, this tattoo

Floral tattoo on arm and shoulder

An incredible tattoo that covers the whole shoulder and reaches part of the chest and the arm of this man., it was designed with a wide variety of small detail. A good piece of blackwork with great details.