Shoulders Archive

Birds tattooed on the shoulders

In this girl’s shoulders we can see a couple of tattoos of birds. It is a really nice and interesting work. It is composed by two small birds that give the impression of flying. One of them is in perfect condition, while the other consists only of bones.

Octopus tattoo on shoulder

A large tattoo of an octopus done on the shoulder and chest of a girl. The head of the octopus is just on the shoulder while the tentacles go through the chest. The detail and the combination of different shades of black make it look quite realistic.

Hippo tattoo on shoulder

A hippo tattooed on the shoulder of a man. These animals represent strength and templance, although you should never forget that they can also be very fierce and dangerous animals. As almost any tattoo of animals, it depicts a big love for the nature. Done with blue and dark inks, a very nice combination of

Couple of birds on shoulders

Representing the good and evil this tattoo ith a couple of  sleeping birds is sexy and awesome. This tattoo was done in dark shades (only blck ink), over each shoulder there is a bird. Each bird is differentiated by the ornament worn on its head while simulating one carries an aura (holliness), the other has

Large flower tattooed on the shoulder

A beautiful tattoo in the shoulder of a man. It is a flower with a mandala style, a large design for this type of works. The eye that protrudes bellow the flower in one of the petals and the great use of black ink makes this tattoo unique and admirable.