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Angel wings tattoo on man

A very popular idea for tattoos, yet a good idea: getting a couple of wings on an angel’s fashion. Do you gave any other ideas of what you want to get on your back? Share it with us.

Super Mario Tattoo

A great geek idea for a tattoo: video games. And even more geek, the most famous character from video games, Mario, the most beloved one form Nintendo. The tattoo  is greatly done, with so many colors  it just looks perfect.

Jason Tattoo

A tattoo inspired in horror movies, to be more precisely, a Jason tattoo. Perhaps one of the most iconic characters from horror movies. I wouldn’t get Jason, I would more likely get a Zombie. Done bye Sebastián Lobo López.

Skull with raindrops tattoo

Today I found this impressive tattoo posted at Tumblr, quite different from many other skull tattoos. The raindrops inside the head become a sea which give a strong and surrealist message. By the way, we just added social buttons so you can share al these images with your friends.

Star tattoo on shoulder

Shoulder tattoo of a star it contains straight lines in a Kanidinsky fasion.