Shoulders Archive

Woman’s portrait on the shoulder

A tattoo of a woman with blue hair which is “dripping” onto the arm of the gentleman, just as if it was made with paint rather than ink. Tattoo done with fine details, undoubtly it was done by  an artist with a lot of talent. Perhaps the flowers that the woman wears on her shoulder

Bird holding handcuffs tattoo

A bird hovering over the shoulder of the woman is seen in this tattoo. This bird carries in its beak a pair of handcuffs, perhaps the artist who designed this tattoo wanted to convey the message of freedom. Made in dark hues, this is a tattoo that many women like.

Black rose tattoo on shoulder

A black rose tattoo made on the shoulder girl, which is an very sexy place for any girl, besides it catches your attention at first sight. This work has a compelling charm and very fine details.

Drink me bottle

Tattoo done by Russian artist Mike Amanita. It is a small bottle labeled “drink me”, the symbol of Anuit Coeptis and small key with heart shaped handle. The work which looks woodcut or old drawing. I think the label is a reference drink me the story of Alice in Wonderland. Soon we will upload more

Sunflower and rose

A couple of flowers tattooed on the shoulder of a woman, the picture is in black and white so you can see if a tattoo was done with color or black ink. The above flower is a rose, and the one bellow is a sunflower.