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Romantic Couple Hugging Tattoo

In this tattoo we have a beautiful couple, created in a style never before seen in this type of tattoo by Czech tattoo artist Ondrash. This couple is drawn with a wonderful combination of colors, with a very affection feeling, frozen in an eternal embrace while they

Cheetah Tattoo

One of the fastest animals on the planet, this one appears to be waiting to stalk its next prey, on the skin of its owner. Why a cheetah? In addition to its incredible speed, cheetahs are also known for their cunning and great ability to concentrate.

Lighthouse Tattoo on Side

Representing one of the most important buildings for sailors: the lighthouse. A building which has taken a backseat to newer, more modern and more accurate navegation systems, and which this man chose to homage in this wear, wearing it on the side of his abdomen.