Stomach Archive

Zombie woman (Impressive tattoo)

  It is time to fill the place of tattoos on Halloween. And also because I’m a big fan of zombie movies. A tattoo with impressive detail by Paul Acker, in the city of Philadelphia, PA.

Moon tattoo on abs

This is a tattoo of the moon, it is located on one side of the abdomen of this girl. Although it’s a tattoo without many details, and is only outlined, this tattoo on the abdomen does have a lot of charm as the place in which it is located makes it a sexy tattoo.

Fish tattoo on stomach

A unique tattoo of a large fish in the middle of the stomach-chest of this guy, done aside, specifically on the ribs. Done with dark inks and with great skill. Ideal for those who love marine animals.

Large octopus tattoo

  A large tattoo of an octopus along the ribs (A rather painful place to get tattoos) done in black and white inks with red strokes for fills. This marine animal is pretty popular in the tattoo world, it  symbolizes plenty of things such as the complexity, diversity, mystery, vision, intelligence, loneliness, enthusiasm, versatility and

Sparrow tattoo for men

A tattoo done on the abdomen of this person, we see a sparrow with outstretched wings that gives us the feeling of overflight through man. Done in dark colors and small red touches that provide highly attractive contrast. If they are to your liking bird tattoos we invite you to continue seeing them through this