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The road goes ever on tattoo

Tattoo of a quote in the ribs of a woman, this says: The road goes ever on and on … This is a song fragment which is used in many parts of the books of J.R.R. Tolkien in his saga of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I really like this tattoo, it

Sphynx cat tattoo

  The Sphynx cats are a peculiar breed of hairless cats. Because of it’s uncommon look, it is considered fine pet, and of course they are still adorable as all cats. Tattoo made along the entire side of the abdomen of a man. By Phil Nachard in Relíquia Tattoo studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Angel of death holding a woman

A large tattoo on the abdomen of a man. This is a drawing showing the death (or an angel of death) with a woman in his arms. What I liked is the most are the details on the wings, although other parts of the tattoo lack of such details, for example, the hand that is

Motivational phrase tattoo

  Phrases tattoos are usually lyrics or inspirational phrases. This time it is a very motivational phrase: “The will to live will always outweigh the ability to die” which translates as” This is a popular phrase whose author is unknown. By its meaning, we might assume that this is a woman who has overcome a disease

Sun tattoo on ribs

The sun with a face tattooed on a woman’s ribs. Made with thin lines and black ink only. The suns represent energy, life and joy, everything positive in life.