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Tattoo care tips

There are several factors that make a tattoo perfect. Many people attribute all responsibility of a good tattoo to the tattoo artist’s experience, but much of the responsibility for a tattoo to be perfect depends on the type of care given to the skin until the tattoo is completely healed. Here are some tips that

Tatuaje de polilla en brazo

Polilla acompañada de círculos y otras líneas interesantes. Pareciera de Mäxime Büchi.

Snowman (Calvin and Hobbes) tattoo

I love the  Bill Watterson cartoon, this boy has tattooed snowman from one of the comics. Check out more tattoos inspired by Calvin & Hobbes comics.

Travis baker Back Tattoo

When all your  life has been a star of Punk and lover of tattoos eventually run out of places to put more tattoos. This is a photo of latest tattoo famous drummer Travis Barker. This is a virgin tattooed on his head.  

Moth tattoo

Moth tattoo on arm, similar concept than in The Silence of the Lambs. The design is done in the old school style, with solid line, few shadows and an extensive use of solid colors (mostly red, yellow and black). We have also a section of Butterfly tattoos where you can find also designs of moth tattoos. Keep