Chicano tattoos

chicano tattoo

Chicano tattoos are a kind of tattoos that are becoming more and more fashionable over the years. To be more precise, during the past three or four years, this style of tattoos was becoming even trendier. They are distinguished for being always black and white, and in the shape of very attractive women, with big breasts, showing money or guns… They show this entire Chicano world, this gangster universe, so to speak, which is actually a very conceited world.

It all started in California, in the United States, and it was inspired by these immigrant Latin gangs from Mexico, named Chicanos by the Americans.

As we have previously said, there are many different kinds of Chicano tattoos. They are usually full of images of sexy women and convertible cars, such as the Cadillac or the Impala. Besides there are also playing cards, poker, roulette, dice, flames… As you can see, all these tattoos have mostly a wild and rebellious look, and they are very influenced by the streets and the gangs.

One of the most characteristic symbols of Chicano tattoos, that could even be called a culture, is these women that we have mentioned before. These women’s tattoos are called cholas tattoos. The cholas are the women of the tough guys, the girls in the gang, who are also under the influence of the street – do not mix them up with prostitutes, maybe some of them actually are prostitutes, but not everyone… laughs. Sometimes, we can see them disguised as a clown.

tatuaje clown

Clowns are also a very characteristic symbol of the Chicanos. They symbolise how fun they find death, that is, the lack of fear to die one day due to their color, their brothers, or the gang. It is true that nowadays these tattoos are very trendy. Sometimes it’s funny when I’m in the studio and one of these guys who live in the gym and shave their head comes, and asks me to make him one of these tattoos. And I must say it: they all hope to become a feared guy in 8 hours or so. But hey, in later articles I’m going to tell you a bit about all the costumers I’ve had to bear, no worries.