Black Monk Tattoo on Arm

This monk appears totally absorbed in his own matters, and of whom we can only barely make out part of his lips and nose. A rather sinister and mysterious monk, created by Aivaras Ly, covered in a black habit with red trim.  

Salvador Dalí Creature Tattoo

A tattoo done by tattoo artist Róbert A Borbás of Hungarian studio Dark Art Tattoo, which recreates one of the hundreds of prints carrying the signature of the father of Surrealism: Salvador Dalí. This print features a monstrous human-like figure, with drawers and objects sticking out from

Pochahontas Leaves Tattoo

Leaves of different sorts and colors, drawn by Sage Seldin of Passage Hammonton studio, which appear in on of the most famous scenes of the animated Disney film, “Pocahontas”. This movie centers around one of the most popular legends of European colonization in North America, that of

Springtime Tree Tattoo on Arm

A small tree drawn by Shannie Linden on this woman’s arm, from which the first tender leaves of Spring are beginning to emerge. A lovely motif, which evokes the continuing renewal of life and the unending passage of time in Mother Nature.

Scary Bat Tattoo on Neck

A terrifying bat who looks just about to attack whoever dares to come near his owner, no easy feat, being a very sensitive and painful area, in which Alexander Kukinov has had to use all of his expertise to achieve this grand result.