Spider web tattoo on the elbow

 A spiderweb tattooed at the elbow, it is a classic yet amazing tattoo design for men. The spiderwebs can also be tattooed on elbows and ocassions at hands.

Barcelona tattoo

Spaniards seriously love Football, just check this crazy chest tattoo of the Barcelona’s League of Football Tattoo, it uses the same style that the famous chest piece of Spiderman (I’ll upload that one later).

Tatoo of music notes behind the ear

 A small tattoo of musical notes behind the ear of a girl. This is a great place to get small and appealing tattoo and if you are a musician or yet a student you will love getting one of this.

Smoking skull design

A design of a skull smoking a cigar. A gangster tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo on the abdomen

Abdomen Tattoo of a butterfly,  the design of it is surrounded by two interesting tribals . The lower abdomen is one of the most attractive parts in which a girl can get a tattoo.