Forest Animals Tattoo on Arm

In this tattoo, Adrian Edek has joined in a single space three of the animals most characteristic of European and American forests: the bear, the owl, and the wolf. Three animals which combine some of the most valuable human values over the centuries, such as loyaly and

Superman “S” Tattoo on Arm

A design created in the Lost Lies Tattoo studio, which replicates with astonishing accuracy the emblem of one of the most famous of American superheroes: Superman. This emblem, drawn on a woman’s arm, has changed out the traditional red color for a much more elegant silver gray.

Astronaut and Planets Tattoo on Feet

This astronaut is cruising through outer space on one of this customer’s feet. The design, done by Sacha Unisex, is paired with another of the same shape on the other foot, which contains some of the infinite universe as well as the figure of some reddish planet

Avocado Tattoo on Forearms

Who in their right mind would choose this tattoo? That’s exactly what I wondered, the first day I saw this tattoo. Call it original, but you can’t deny the fact that having two avocado halves tattooed on your body isn’t exactly normal.  

Solar System Tattoo on Back

A very simple design, proving that it’s not necessary to have a very complicated design in order to have a nice-looking tattoo. With a monochromatic color scheme, it displays each and every one of the planets which, together with Earth, form our Solar System.