Gothic Raven Tattoo on Hand

A hair-raising tattoo, which tattoo artist Kelly Doty designed to show off her talents at an exposition, on one of those fake hands that we’ve all seen at Halloween parties. This hand is decorated with an enormous figure of a raven, with ghostly surroundings.  

Japanese Fox Tattoo

A majestic animal, proudly brought to life here by tattoo artist Emma Louise on the arm of its owner, representing one of the most beautiful figures of Japanese mythology, the fox Kitsune. How can we be so sure? Well, there aren’t any other foxes in Japanese mythology.

Cat with Bow Tattoo

A somewhat peculiar tattoo, created by Chrissy Hills as an homage to this customer’s favorite cat. This cat has been given the name Tatty, and is shown here holding a large ball of yarn in his claws (not very well done, actually) and with a very relaxed

View of Earth From Space Tattoo

This planet, which tattoo artist Max has surrounded with a small blueish halo representing a piece of our immense universe. This drawing adorns the upper part of this woman’s back, which she possible chose in order to reflect on her connection to the Earth, and her commitment

Skull with Sinister Message Tattoo

One of those tattoos that seeks to send a very direct message to all who see it up close. This sinister message, “I Wish You The Worst”, is accompanied by a skull. A tattoo created by Alex, in Red Anchor Tattoo Co.