Abstract tattoo Archive

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo on Back

With this tattoo is is obvious that it’s possible to creat high quality pieces without necessarily following the dogmas imposed by society. A bird, whose colors are reminiscent of a kingfisher, drawn in a fairly refined technique based on colored lines.

Mandala Back Tattoo

This woman chose to cover her back in a sort of protective hug, whose cental part, in the shape of a spear point, stands out from the rest. A design created based on lights and shadows, done by the amazing Jondix.  

All Seeing Eye of God Arm Tattoo

A tattoo that spans a good length of this man’s arm, and in addition to leaves and triangles, it contains one of the oldest designs known to mankind: the Eye of Horus, more commonly known as the All Seeing Eye of God. Drawn by tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga.  

Buddhist Mandala Tattoo

A lovely Mandala created from flower petals and leaves, created by New Zealand tattoo artist Josh Paki of College Hill Tattoo in Auckland. Why tattoo this design? Because it represents the equilibrium of the energies in our bodies, as well as the cosmos and universe. Un precioso Mandala realizado a partir de pétalos y hojas

Colorful Skull and Eye of God Leg Tattoo

A piece by one of the best artists of Black 13 Tattoo studio, Josh Woods, in which many different elements are combined, such as flowers, a skull, a rather strange fish and a triangle containing the All Seeing Eye of God. A fairly ecclectic tattoo, which could be interpreted many different ways.