Abstract tattoo Archive

Japanese Geometric Arm Tattoo

In which Marco Galdo has perfectly captured the Japanese style, with one of the geometric elements present in our daily lives: the cube. A composition in which the flowers and scales on the upper arm create a smooth transition towards the lower part of the tattoo.

Unusual Colorfull Skull Tattoo on Side

A skull, sitting calmly in a hand, with a huge variety of objects coming out of it, such as a fan, a type of battery, cables and even a pink flower. A rather original way to represent this subject, done by Do Lessard of 62K Represent.

Masonic Eye of God Tattoo with Branches

Or roots, which run up the inside of the forearm of this man, trying to reach the pyramid drawn on the palm of his hand. Heike del Chorus Tattoo has placed inside the pyramid something that we have heard mentioned several times in this site: The All-Seeing Eye of God

Geometic Tattoos on Feet

  A pair of designs created in Hold It Down Tattoo, whose appearance remind me of some of the geometic designs used in the traditional clothes worn by Native Americans in North America. These designs must have been pretty painful to have done, given the large number of bones in this area of the feet.

Tree Tattoo on Back

A small and yet artistic grove, which Xoil has used to cover, fairly effectively, the tattoo this woman previously had on some part of her back. The forest appears to deconstruct itself near the right shoulder blade into a series of polygons in various shades of green.