Abstract tattoo Archive

Floral tattoo on arm and shoulder

An incredible tattoo that covers the whole shoulder and reaches part of the chest and the arm of this man., it was designed with a wide variety of small detail. A good piece of blackwork with great details.

Madanala tattooed on the leg

In this girl’s leg is this mandala tattoo which resembles to a flower o perhaps a star. A perfect design which is about balance and harmony. We could say to do this tattoo took several hours for the perfect details it contains.

Rorschach test tattoo

Tattoo on the chest of a man, it is an ink stain from the set of sketches that are used for the Rorschach test. One psychological study (rarely used nowadays)  in which the patient must describe what they see in the image. I completely ignore what might be the intentions of this tattoo, but it fascinates

Mandala tattoo on head

A tattoo with a high hinduism influence, it is a flower (mandala) on the head, and just in the middle it’s the symbol of the Ohm (aum). A very strange and unusual place to get tattoos, specially for the fact that you must keep shaving your head if you want people to see it.

Abstract heart tattoo with watercolor effect

Heart tattoo with a semi-abstract style. There is a “realistic” heart drawn like a pencil sketch, and within this is another heart but with the”traditional” shape as if it were drawn with red ink. Around the tattoo there’s a couple of spots of colors that resemble watercolor brushstrokes. Made in Nikoinko Street tattoo on Francoville, France.