Abstract tattoo Archive

Abstract bear by Peter Aurisch

  Tattoo of a bear with an abstract style by artist Peter Aurisch, previously we have seen other works by him and this style is very distinctive, almost unique. Bear design becomes simpler as you go down and then starts another design. Work done on the shoulder and part of the arm of a woman.

Mark Halbstark craziness is something completely worth!

  Previously we have seen many other works of the tattoo artist Mark Halbstark, whose works usually contain of high-contrast colors, high quality design and abstract concepts. On this occasion this tattoo has caused me a great impression because the style is very different from what we usually see from him. It looks cartoonish body

Head tattoo by Marco Galdo

  Tattoo done by the artist Marco Galdo. It is a series of cubes in red and white colors which go round the ear. The cubes have a slight effect of shading that helps give the illusion of depth and three-dimensional look.

Abstract tattoo by Koray Karagozler

  An inner arm tattoo with an abstract design with intense red-orange colors. It is a work done by Koray Karagozler from who we have seen many other works here at the site. As most of her works, this one contains a watercolor effect with some strokes that look like they were made with pen.

Abstract arm tattoo by Amanda Wachob

  An abstract tattoo done on the arm of a girl. It is a drawing made of several brushstrokes of intense and high contrast colors.  Tattoo done by the talented artist Amanda Wachob whose works always contain this type of technique.