Abstract tattoo Archive

Abstract tattoo by Amanda Wachob

  A simple tattoo done on the shoulder of a girl. Perhaps it may be minimalistic, but it is still an impressive tattoo with an original concept. The work was done by the tattoo artist Amanda Wachob whose designs are always simple and elegant. She uses few lines and few colors, in some occasions she may

Heart tattoo (watercolor effect)

 An abstract heart tattoo with a very interesting effect. There is a pink purple blur below the drawing meanwhile the lines are made with a sort of “ink splatter” design. The heart is never closed, but it still enough detailed so we can recognize it. A work done by Koray Karagözler on the leg of a woman.

Abstract tree tattoo by Lenad Nada

An abstract tree tattooed on shoulder, forearm  and arm of a boy.  An amazing work done with red and blavk ink by the tattoo artist Lenad Lada.

Shoulder tattoo by Lenad

Lenad Nada is a talented tattoo artist which somehow hasn’t become well known yet, but his works are breathtaking. Lenad began as a graffiti artist, and after several years he now combines his urban knowledge with ink to make these impressive works.

Tattoos on arm by Lenad Nada

Lenad Nada is an artist from Lille, France. His works stand out for using geometric shapes and high contrasts. Soon we will bring more jobs to him. His facebook.