Abstract tattoo Archive

Alexy Grey tattoos

An impressive and colorful portrait tattoo. Tattoo of Alex Grey style, done ??by Justen Borrero, Bronx NY

Tattoo on arm of a woman

beauty is in the eye of beholders An interesting tattoo on arm of a girl whose eye lashes become petals.

Owl tattoo by Lukasz Bam Kaczmarek

I tell you, I just discovered this amazing tattoo artist: Bam Lukasz Kaczmarek Follow us and still discovering works of he and many other artists around the world.

Purple owl tattoo

Of my favorites, owl tattoos, this time is one with red eyes, purple body. A little abstract, because doesn’t have feet. A very original design.

Abstract bear tattoo

Bear tattoo on chest. An amazing design. One more time Peter Aurisch style.