Adventure Time Archive

Adventure Time thigh tattoos

  A couple of unfinished Adventure Time’s tattoos. These are two of the characters from the cartoon Adventure Time, on the one hand you see the adorable little arcade, and in the other thigh it’s Princess Lumpy Space which has no color yet. Both tattoos are made ??within frameworks like emblems or mirrors.

Adventure time tattoo on shoulder and arm

A very original and funny tattoo done at shoulder and forearm of a girl. These are the faces of the main charcters from Adventure Time. In some ocassiones the cartoons can inspire tattoos. Check out other cartoon tattoos, or other Adventure Time Tattoos.

Unfinished adventure land tattoo

Although already crossed the barrier of twenties I must confess that Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoons of all time. Tattoo incomplete, still needs the coloring. Done by “Dan” in the Artistic Skin Art Studio, located in Midland, Western Australia.

Peppermint tattoo (Adventure Time)

Peppermint Butler tattooed on arm, from Adventure Time characters. Done on arm by Marty on Kustom Kulture Tattoo Studio located in Geelong Australia.

Adventure time tattoo (and progress)

  A couple of tattoos inspired by the cartoon Adventure Time which shows the progress after several sessions. What began as a design and Jake ended Flin including a fund, the small arcade and Marceline. Even in the second picture is that the design has not yet been completed. Interesting progress right?