Alice in Wonderland Archive

Drink me bottle

Tattoo done by Russian artist Mike Amanita. It is a small bottle labeled “drink me”, the symbol of Anuit Coeptis and small key with heart shaped handle. The work which looks woodcut or old drawing. I think the label is a reference drink me the story of Alice in Wonderland. Soon we will upload more

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland

  The extremely anxious white rabbit the tale of Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. This drawing is just identical to the original artwork of the first book. Personally I find it as one of the most fascinating tales for kids (and adults too).

Alice caterpillar tattoo

Jaja, very funny, the smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, a classic.

Alice cat tattooed

Things I love: Alice in Wonderland. One day I’ll make my own cat tattoo.

Alice cat tattoo

The famous Cheshire Cat tattooed on arm, along with his memorable phrase “We’re all made ??here.” Tattoo done in the Lines of Fire studio in Clare, Australia