Amanda Wachob Archive

Brush strokes like tattoo

  Tattoo on the leg of a woman, made next to the twin. It looks an interesting design which simulates paint strokes along the leg. Made with black and red ink. A nice design (something abstract maybe) made by artist Amanda Wachob. We invite you to see more tattoos from here here.

Abstract arm tattoo by Amanda Wachob

  An abstract tattoo done on the arm of a girl. It is a drawing made of several brushstrokes of intense and high contrast colors.  Tattoo done by the talented artist Amanda Wachob whose works always contain this type of technique.

Abstract tattoo by Amanda Wachob

  A simple tattoo done on the shoulder of a girl. Perhaps it may be minimalistic, but it is still an impressive tattoo with an original concept. The work was done by the tattoo artist Amanda Wachob whose designs are always simple and elegant. She uses few lines and few colors, in some occasions she may