Anatomy tattoo Archive

Inner anatomy of the foot tattoo

The inner anatomy of the foot tattooed. With a realistic look, you can see the inside of the foot as if someone had taken all the skin off. There are two very curious details in this tattoo, first, there are two broken fingers, and second, there is a holding pin which is holding part of

Amazing tattoo on chest

  A tattoo, or we could say that there are three of them, done in the chest of a man. These are three different portraits on one side is a figure showing the internal anatomy of the thorax of a man, on the other side is the same person in a portrait wearing clothes, and

Backbone tattoo on back

Tattoo on back of a girl. I love this backbone tattoos.

Backbone tattooed on back

I love bone tattoos and this isn’t exception.

Backbone tattoo

An excellent concept: a backbone tattoo. Done at the level of the neck, the tattoo is finished right where the hair starts, I think the tattoo should extend the entire back though that we can not know.