Anchor Tattoo Archive

Meaning of anchor tattoos

Perhaps anchors are one of the most famous and traditional symbols in the tattoo world. In fact, I think that whenever someone thinks about tattoos immediately imagines a proud sailor showing off his anchor tattoos in his biceps (and don’t forget the classic heart with “mom” written bellow, but that is a topic we may

Romantic Anchor Tattoo with Text

An anchor, drawn using a bit of lyrics from one of the most famous songs of American rock group Mayday Parade. This part of the song expresses to a loved one what it means to be by their side, and what it feels like to be able to enjoy their delightful company.  

Aerostatic balloon with an anchor

A beautiful design of an aero balloon which is held down by an anchor. The tattoo is done with almost solid black linkes, and contrast is created with a splash of color that resembles to an “accident” done by an artist while painting. This tattoo was done in two parts, the blackwork was done by

Heart an anchor tattoo

An intertwined heart and anchor tattoo. Located at the ankle of a girl. The anchor is an emblematic symbol of the sea and is also a symbol of perseverance. The heart attached to the anchor is for sure the love to the sea. The design may not be the best, but for sure it is

Anchor tattooed on feet

A couple of small tattoos inked on the toes of a girl. Each of them is an identical anchor made with only black ink and tattooed on the inner side of the toes. Anchors are oftenly tattooed on the foot as symbols of stability. Would you like to get a tattoo like this? Share it