Angel Tattoo Archive

Angel of death holding a woman

A large tattoo on the abdomen of a man. This is a drawing showing the death (or an angel of death) with a woman in his arms. What I liked is the most are the details on the wings, although other parts of the tattoo lack of such details, for example, the hand that is

Angel Knight tattoo

  A large tattoo across the back of a man. It is a knight angel on one knee. The angel is in a position like it was being promoted to knight, the sword  between his hands and his head down. The outline of the angel bears a series of flashes as if his figure was

Small wings tattoo

A small couple of wings tattooe don the back of a woman. The design also has an aureola at the upper side. The angels are very popular among tattoo designs of all sorts and styles because of their great meaning: protection and faith.

Angel tattoo by DOmantas Parvainis

An angel statue of marbel tattooed on the hand, it’s great details which make it look almost real. Wokr done by the talented artist Domantas Parvainis.

Large angel back tattoo

A large tattoo of an angel on the back. The angel it’s down on his knees. There’s an interesting contrast between the great details on the feathers and the simplicity of the angel’s body.