Angel Tattoo Archive

Angel tattoos on the back

A couple of angels carrying sword tattooed on the back of a boy. There’s also a hand holding a prism. En medio se contempla una mano que sujeta un prisma.

Tattoo on chest for men

A pair of tattoos on chest of a young man on one side a angel wing, on the other side a knocker with a dragon face. Both tattoos were made in great detail, undeniably captivating.

The meaning of Angel tattoos

Yes, perhaps this is not as exciting as other posts from the section meaning of tattoos, and do not even mention the ones from Tattoo Artist X Diary, but there are some curious people that need to know everything about the meaning of a symbol before having it tattooed (and it’s indeed good to know,

Atomic-S by Ania Jalosinska

Tattoo that simulates an atom and different passions. “Atomic-S” by Ania Jalosinska (Kolektivtattoo), Warsaw, Poland.

Angel tattooed on shoulder

Angel tattoo holding a sword in honor of a brother. Tattoo done by Mike Crump in Addiction Ink Studio at Spring Hill, Florida