Anil Gupta tattoos Archive

Antique diving suit

A tattoo of a helmet of an antique swiming suit. These equipments were invented around the XVII Century and were used to make short immersions under the water.  These suits nowadays are seen as reliques of a time in which undersea was a complete mystery and therefore we can see these suits in museums but also

Biomechanical tattoo on the arm

A tattoo by Anil Gupta, a talented artist who has a great passion for cyber-goth thematic tattoos, especially for biomechanical desgins. Here’s one of the face of a cyborg woman connected to a mechanism. Within the mechanism there are several skulls that give a darker aspect to the work. You can see more of Anil

Back tattoo by Anil Gupta

  An interesting tattoo throughout the back, well, the right half of the back. There are several portraits that include, among others, an angel in armor, a virgin, and also Buddha and Ganesh. There’s also other character which I cannot recognize. All this work has been done by Anil Gupta.

Megenta octopus tattoo

An interesting tattoo of an octopus in magenta color, with yellow eyes with an angry look. Done on the shoulder of a young man. The octopus looks quite detailed which makes it look a robotic appearance. Made by Anil Gupta tattoo.

Biomechanical arm tattoo

  Since the invention of the first automatons, there has been a fascination with the possibility of one day being able to combine this technology with humans themselves. From there arise a number of fanciful themes such as cyborgs and fantasies of the “biomechanical” technologies. A fascinating tattoo done by Anil Gupta.