Animal Tattoo Archive

David Hale, the spirit of tattoo

Since I started this website (more than two years ago) I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the work of thousands of tattoo artists around the world, and I have even had the opportunity to meet some of them in the flesh. As time went by, I’ve come up with a list of the

Cute Fox Tattoo on Hand

An adorable little fox, drawn by Halb Stark with a style similar to that of comics, whose delightful owner has decided to tattoo on the palm of her hand. This fox seems to be napping happily wrapped up in his bushy tail, with a large black X abover his head, whose meaning is a complete

Forest Animals Tattoo on Arm

In this tattoo, Adrian Edek has joined in a single space three of the animals most characteristic of European and American forests: the bear, the owl, and the wolf. Three animals which combine some of the most valuable human values over the centuries, such as loyaly and fortitude.  

Japanese Fox Tattoo

A majestic animal, proudly brought to life here by tattoo artist Emma Louise on the arm of its owner, representing one of the most beautiful figures of Japanese mythology, the fox Kitsune. How can we be so sure? Well, there aren’t any other foxes in Japanese mythology. This fox has 9 tails trailing behind him.

Badger Tattoo with Text

Tattoo artist David, of Live Fast Die Young Tattoos in Minneapolis, has brought this tattoo to life. The badger, a generally nocturnal animal, is resting pensively on a tree stump, surrounded by small clusters of leaves and below a short message or name, although difficult to read.